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Service A: ‘Standard Service’
Service A: ‘Standard Service’     

Product Code: SERQ187
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  • Frame & Forks checked for alignment
  • All bearings including headset, bottom bracket and pedals checked for free movement and adjusted externally as necessary(Any work required on bottom bracket or headset requires higher service level)
  • All bolts & fasteners checked and tightened to correct torque
  • Brakes and gears tuned/adjusted and serviced (Change of cables and break pads requires higher service level)
  • Chain, Derailleurs & Cables lubrication
  • Wheel checked for damage and wear get reported( To true wheels requires higher service
  • Tyres inspected for wear and tear and inflated to correct pressure( Change of tyres or inner tubes require higher service level)
  • Bicycle MOT 32 Point Safety Checks
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